Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The puppy

Let me tell you a story. I was the lead instructor for a fire cadet program. The cadets were ages 13-18. I had a very promising cadet. She was full of life and had a strong desire to learn. I taught her everything I could about being a good firefighter. When she turned 18 she wanted to be hired by the fire department I was working for. The fire chief at the time didn't want to hire cadets because he felt they might be to young and not mature. It took a great deal of talking to the chief to get her hired, but she did get the job. I was proud of her. Next she went into her EMT class. When it came time to do clinical rotations, I pulled some strings and got her to be able to do her clinicals with me on my ambulance, I taught her everything I could about being an EMT. After being on the fire department for about 8 months she got into some trouble. I came to her defense and got her corrective action greatly reduced by talking to the chief for her (I was the union Steward at the time). Shortly before I left the department this very same person that I help get to where she was turned on me. She started spreading rumors about me, under minding my work with cadets and probationary firefighters, and looking for any reason to report me to the chief. This really upset me, and still does. I bring this up because I found out this person reads my blog, and a year after I moved to a different fire department, she is still talking about me. It is like loving and training a puppy, and when the puppy grows into a dog it bites you! I think this is very shady.... JS

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