Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Drunk Crackhead - Part 2

Let me tell you the rest of the crack story.

We are at the jail with our patient. He is getting fingerprinted from our cot. There is a small holding cell in the room where he is being printed. In this cell is a drunk. There are 2 officers trying to get the drunks property (wallet, keys, money) into a property bag. The property bag is about 8 inches by 8 inches, and seals like a zip-lock bag. The drunk refuses to give them his property until they let him go to the bathroom. The officer tell him that they will let him go to the bathroom after he has turned over his property. The drunk still refuses and says he is going to piss on them. The officers are kind of distracted at this time because we are telling them the story of the stolen crack. So the drunk finally agrees to put his stuff in the property bag. The officers hand him the bag through the bars. But the drunk does not put his property in the bag. Instead he decides to urinate in the bag.The drunk is now laughing. He then hands the sealed bag, 1/2 full with urine to the officers. That makes the officers very upset. So, one officer goes into the cell and "removes" his property. When he comes out of the cell, he starts to hand the other officer the drunks property. The other officer opens up the property bag 1/2 filled with urine and places the drunks wallet, money and keys in the bag to soak. Needless to say the drunk was not laughing anymore. Then they filed the property and boxed it up. When the drunk gets released from jail, he will have a well marinated wallet. So I guess the cops got the last laugh. JS

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  1. Yea! for the cops!!! That was a very appropriate action on their part - putting all of his "stuff" together like that!