Wednesday, June 17, 2009

He stole my crack! - Part 1

We get dispatched to an unknown medical involving PD in an urban area.

We pull up on scene to see the local police department laughing at a guy laying in the middle of the street, pulling himself around on the pavement by his arms. He is laying next to a beat up, old mini van with the drivers door open. My partner and I are a little confused. So we ask "whats going on?". That is when we are told this story.

The cops said that the man on the ground and his son had come over to this block to steal some crack from a dealer. The man on the ground is a paraplegic. He sent his son into the house to steal the crack while he waited in the drivers seat of the van. The crack dealer caught the son trying to steal the crack. The dealer was so strung out that she called the cops. The son then ran back to the van. As the van was pulling off the cops showed up and surrounded it. So the son jumps out and tries to run on foot. The father is high and also thinks this is a good idea. So he opens the door of the van, and jumps onto the pavement. Somehow he forgot that he was unable to walk and required a wheelchair. So he tried to make his escape by dragging himself by is arms, and that's when we showed up

By now my partner and I are laughing our asses off. So we ask, "what do you need us for?". They ask us to check out the man laying in the road and make sure he is ok. They also wanted to know if we could transport him to jail as it would be hard for them to do it with a police car. So we said ok. Then we took him to jail. Every time I think about this it makes me laugh. Hope you find it as funny as we did. JS

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  1. Just found your blog and have been laughing my ass off, but please tell me you made this up? Please?

  2. This is 100% a true story! Js